Locating Andrew Ekey in the 1880 U.S. Census

Summary of previous research

Andrew Ekey was born on 1 Sep 1818. He died on 26 Jul 1889 at the age of 70 in Union, Franklin County, Missouri. He was buried about 28 Jul 1889 in Union, Franklin County, Missouri.

Jemima Barkhurst was born on 26 Nov 1824 in Smithfield, Jefferson County, Ohio. She died on 3 Apr 1882 at the age of 57 in Union, Franklin County, Missouri. She was buried about 5 Apr 1882 in Union, Franklin County, Missouri.

Andrew Ekey and Jemima Barkhurst had the following child:

+2             i.   Rezin B. Ekey, born Ohio; married Elizabeth Frances Wallace, 21 Oct 1869, Franklin, Howard, Missouri, United States; died 1 Dec 1921, Franklin, Missouri, United States.


Resources Used:


  • https://familysearch.org

Research Findings:

  • 1880 U.S. Census – Jefferson County, Ohio
    • There is an Andrew W. Ekey who is 1 years old in the 1880 Census, listed in the John H and Maria S Ekey household.
  • 1880 U.S. Census – Franklin County, Missouri
    • Found Andrew, aged 62, with Wife Jemima, aged 54. Also, children listed in the house Dallas (Son, aged 27), Virginia (Daughter, aged 19), and Stanton (Son, aged 17)
    • Andrew’s Father birthplace was reported as Ohio
    • Andrew’s Mother’s birthplace was reported as Pennsylvania.


Andrew Ekey was living in Moselle, Franklin, Missouri at the time of the 1880 U.S. Census. He reported that his occupation was a Farmer. His birthplace was Ohio and his Father’s Birthplace was Ohio and his mother was born in Pennsylvania.


There is reason to believe that he may have been a junior and named after his father. So a search of the earlier censuses may reveal him living with his father.

SSDI Search for Orpha Allen

This week’s task is a search in the Social Security Death Index for Orpha Allen, a great-grandmother of mine.

Here’s what I currently know about her from linking with the data already present in FamilySearch. I am using that data as a hint until I find the sources that prove that information.

Orpha Allen

  • Born 3 August 1890 in New Florence, Montgomery, Missouri
  • Married before 12 July 1917 (my grandmother’s birthdate)
  • Died 28 April 1964 in New Florence, Montgomery, Missouri

Search Results

In my search, I looked at both Ancestry.com and FamilySearch’s SSDI. She was not found in either database. This would be useful as a secondary source pointing to her date of birth.

In the process, I went ahead and linked in the information that FamilySearch had on her parents, Edward L. Allen and Magnolia Elrod.

To-Do Items

  • Continue searching for records for Orpha Allen
  • Prove that Edward Allen and Magnolia Elrod are Orpha’s parents.


This task was unsuccessful. But we did add information about Orpha’s parents to the system.

Technology can be fun

Yesterday while working on another aspect of this site, I managed to completely bork up the existing installation. So, I’ve had to completely reinstall WordPress and start over.

Bear with me while the dust settles.