This week’s task is a search in the Social Security Death Index for Orpha Allen, a great-grandmother of mine.

Here’s what I currently know about her from linking with the data already present in FamilySearch. I am using that data as a hint until I find the sources that prove that information.

Orpha Allen

  • Born 3 August 1890 in New Florence, Montgomery, Missouri
  • Married before 12 July 1917 (my grandmother’s birthdate)
  • Died 28 April 1964 in New Florence, Montgomery, Missouri

Search Results

In my search, I looked at both and FamilySearch’s SSDI. She was not found in either database. This would be useful as a secondary source pointing to her date of birth.

In the process, I went ahead and linked in the information that FamilySearch had on her parents, Edward L. Allen and Magnolia Elrod.

To-Do Items

  • Continue searching for records for Orpha Allen
  • Prove that Edward Allen and Magnolia Elrod are Orpha’s parents.


This task was unsuccessful. But we did add information about Orpha’s parents to the system.

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