After several months of deliberation during the COVID-19 lockdown (it was really procrastination), I’ve decided to pick up my genealogy and this blog again. This time has been spent trying to determine what direction I want to take things. I believe I’ve finally settled on what I want to achieve with this my blog and, more importantly, my research.

I have always wanted to do a “Genealogy Do-Over,” because most of my research is poorly documented. Much of the time lately has been spent going down unproductive ratholes. I’ve spent countless hours studying methodology and designing a workflow. The problem is, I haven’t gotten any further than I was 10 years ago. Too much thinking and not enough doing. It’s time to fix that!

This website will document my project. I plan to publish my own personal research reports on each of the families in my tree. In lieu of publishing a book, this seems to be the easiest way to aggregate my research. I still would like to publish my findings in print. I am not at all ready for that, as you will see.

The Plan

My general plan at this point involves working back 6 generations from me. In my skeleton database, I have names and dates for the first four generations, but not a lot of sources.

I have a methodology that I plan to follow that will go through and locate most of the easy records that I can find from the online databases. From there, I will continue to use any source hints and matches that will inevitably pop up. These are the low-hanging fruit.

From there, it will be easier for me to determine where to go next to fill in any gaps of records and data. Research logs were never something I used. So, I didn’t reliably know where I’d been or where I was going.

Once that effort is complete, I would like to locate all of the descendants of these ancestors. During this phase, I’d like to get to connect with living cousins and collaborate on fleshing out the branches of the tree. Plus, I think this is where DNA will really be interesting.


I will share more about how I go about this in future blog posts. But, as I complete each family, I will be creating a research report with my findings and future research opportunities. I will create a category for each surname under the “Research” menu and place the research reports as a post in those categories.

I also plan to share any research tips and tricks that I learn along the way, mostly as a post in the “Blog” category. I may also share family history news that is of interest here, curating it not just for myself but the community at large. It’s been a little while since I’ve regularly read the blogs of fellow family history researchers

I’d also like to share information about useful resources that I find under the “Resources” category.


I want to present the highest quality research that I am capable of at this point. I know that as times goes on my skills will improve. I look forward to growing and developing as a genealogist. My ask is that if you find something that I could do better, a source that I missed, or if you’ve learned from something I have done that you would please reach out and let me know.

In conclusion, this is a very daunting process. I plan to work on these goals regularly and make consistent progress. I know that there will be challenges and I must not be discouraged.